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Supports and Services

Heritage Nanny Community Living and Support (HNCLAS) is dedicated to providing services to individuals with brain injuries, disabilities, and complex medical needs. We support individuals with appointments, recreation, and community-based activities.

HNCLAS services are designed to provide 24-hour-staffed living accommodations to support individuals who have been identified as having complex medical needs.  Which include posing a significant risk, engaging in harmful behaviors against themselves, others, or property, requiring intensive services, and having a history of mental health challenges.

Our core supports are as follows:

Emergency Residential Supports

Heritage Nanny Community Living and Support also provides Emergency Residential Support (respite) for individuals without placement. This initiative partners with community agencies and hospitals to prevent homelessness and assist in finding permanent, safe, and positive community placements, as well as to prevent institutionalization due to lack of space.


Referral Process

We accept referrals from Alberta Child and Youth Services (children and family services), regional authorities, and designated First Nations agencies.

For adults, most referrals are through Human Services - Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD).

We also accept private referrals.

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