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Heritage Nanny Community Living and Support Services programs are designed to provide 24 hour staffed living accommodations support to individuals who have been identified as having complex needs which include posing a significant risk, engage in harmful behaviors against themselves, others or property, require intensive services and have a history of mental health challenges. Our core programs are as follows:

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Youth and adult residential programs

Extra Support Provided

Youth and Adult Residential Programs provide twenty-four-hour staffed living accommodations for individuals with complex needs. This program focuses on the safety of the individuals and provides community access using the least restrictive measures available to ensure members can partake in activities and develop meaningful relationships without barriers. The Youth and Adult Residential Programs provide individuals with assistance in developing skills and connections related to their individually tailored service plans. This includes advocacy, employment support and partnering with other community agencies and resources to ensure individuals receive the most inclusive services available.

Youth Conference

Emergency residential support programs

New Life Opportunities

Heritage Nanny Community Living and Support also provides Emergency Residential Support (respite) for individuals without placement. This initiative partners with community agencies and hospitals to prevent homelessness and assist in finding permanent, safe and positive community placements as well as to prevent institutionalization due to lack of space.

High Fives

Youth and adult offenders programming

New Life Opportunities

Youth and Adult Offenders Program provides twenty-four-hour staffed living accommodations for youth and adults living with complex needs. Most offenders are returned to the community with very few supports in place. When providing service to offenders, it is crucial to develop long term supports. The vision of this program is a caring community working together with youth and adult offenders to ease transition. In addition, our mission is to provide high quality mental health service for the individuals and their families who are experiencing or may experience emotional difficulties due to their circumstances. Youth and Adult Offenders Program will provide individual assessment and treatment. This includes family therapy, individual therapy and group therapy which focuses on relapse prevention, networking and on-going support in the community. Staff will develop and participate in community access by targeting low risk places or high-risk places at low risk times. Offenders cannot be “cured”, however in collaboration with psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians and counsellors their risk can be safely managed within the community if given support long term.

A Supportive Hug

Transitional years programs

Nourish Your Soul

Transitional Years Programs provides twenty-four-hour staffed living accommodations for youth and adults with complex needs. These programs are designed to help young members to transition into the next steps of adulthood, which may involve transitioning into an adult residential support program or into community living. This program can also include helping an adult member transition from a hospital bed to Heritage Nanny Community Living and Support program temporarily until they find an appropriate placement. Transitional Years Programs are located within the community and designed to meet the unique needs of youth and adult who require more intensive services than a family setting, but less intensive than residential treatment. Support and assistance, with life-skills development, eases the transition into adulthood, while building confidence and independence.

When every day activities become too difficult to manage by ourselves, we often need our family and loved ones to chip in. Heritage Nanny Community Living and Support Inc. provides the support required to carry on with dignity, with the same love and care a family member would provide. This support includes 24/7 Emergency Care services.

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