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Heritage Nanny Community Living and Support Inc.

​Providing Excellent Care

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Welcome to HNCLAS

HNCLAS is dedicated to providing services to individuals with brain injuries, disabilities, and complex medical needs. 

We offer a variety of programs, targeted services, personalized care, support, and resources to youths, and adults diagnosed with mental and physical disabilities, and complex needs.

Who We Are

Committed to Caring

Heritage Nanny Community Living and Support is a family-based organization, focused on increasing the quality of life for youths, and adults with developmental disabilities/complex needs through individual choice, dignity, and rights. We provide quality workforce for a better support program and housing. We play a central role in the best service delivery approach for the vulnerable and disadvantaged in our community.

We provide twenty-four-hour care which encompasses more than some of the necessities of life such as laundry, grooming, feeding, and clothing a person. We provide companionship, community activities, special diets, and outings to various appointments, and special events such as birthdays.

Heritage Nanny Community Living and Support Services programs are designed to provide 24 hour staffed living accommodations support to individuals who have been identified as having complex needs or having disabilities.

Our Services/Program

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