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[fotbal>>>>] Politehnica Iaşi vs Petrolul în direct online 2 octombrie 2023

acum 18 ore — Filip, I. [UITĂ LA TV#] Hermannstadt vs Voluntari în direct online 17 17 sept. 2023 — (Sportul viu) U Cluj vs Poli Iași în direct live 3 ...

((SPORT!!!)) Universitatea Craiova vs Botoşani în direct 202 acum 20 de ore — EVÎE -4 FC VOLUNTARI 23 EÎÎÎE -8 POLI IASI 15?? VEV UTA ARAD 14? EEÎÎ -6 DINAMO BUCURESTI ÎÎÎÎE -12 16 FC BOTOSANI 15? EEEÎ -5 Locurile 1-6 ... CSM Politehnica Iasi vs Petrolul Ploiesti » Predictions, Odds, Live Scores & StreamsMany fans will be watching this match of the 11th matchday between FC Petrolul Ploiesti and CSM Politehnica Iasi, which is taking place on Monday the 2nd October. The game will take place in the Stadionul Emil Alexandrescu in Iasi. when they met last on 31. 07. 2021. Since FC Petrolul Ploiesti won the last match scoring 2-0, especially the CSM Politehnica Iasi players are anxious to win this time. Because FC Petrolul Ploiesti were the winner of the last 2 out of 3 matches, they're very likely to win this match. Who's going to play? In short, here are the probable lineups for the upcoming match. Manager Leontin Florian Grozavu will probably use the following lineup for this match: • Goalkeeper: Silviu Lung • Defenders: Nicolas Samayoa, Florin Ionut Ilie, Rares Ispas, Marius Martac • Midfield: Luis Phelipe, Julian Augusto Marchioni, Mihai Bordeianu, Andrei Gheorghita • Attack: Roman Alin, Shayon Harrison Petrolul Ploiesti (N)'s manager will likely draw on these players' best strengths in the next game: • Goalkeeper: Lukas Zima • Defenders: Bart Meijers, Paul Papp, Valentin Constantin Ticu, Seniko Romeo Doua • Midfielders: Jair, Takayuki Seto, Sergiu Hanca, Alexandru Musi • Forward line: Gheorghe Grozav, Mihai Alexandru Roman Check the confirmed lineups here on Oddspedia one hour before kickoff. CSM Politehnica Iasi scores 1 goals in a match against FC Petrolul Ploiesti and FC Petrolul Ploiesti scores 1. 4 goals against CSM Politehnica Iasi (on average). Did you know that CSM Politehnica Iasi scores 27% of their goals between the minutes 31-45? During the last 12 meetings, CSM Politehnica Iasi have won 6 times, there have been 2 draws while FC Petrolul Ploiesti have won 4 times. During the last 5 meetings with CSM Politehnica Iasi playing at home, CSM Politehnica Iasi have won 3 times, there have been 1 draws while FC Petrolul Ploiesti have won 1 times. (Priveste in direct<) Dinamo București vs Farul Constanța în 22 sept. 2023 — Politehnica Iaşi CFR 1907 Cluj CS (SPORT TV-) Dinamo București vs Petrolul în direct online 26 26 aug. Noutăți, clasamente, echipă — Farul ... [STREAMING<] Hermannstadt vs Rapid Bucureşti în direct 2022 acum 18 ore — Eu văd așa: Voluntari – Poli Iași 1 solist, Botoșani – UTA x solist și U Cluj – Universitatea Craiova 1 solist. Craiova l-a pierdut pe ... Politehnica Iași – FC Petrolul/În căutarea victoriei! acum 18 ore — ACSM Politehnica Iași vs FC Petrolul Ploiești. Stadion „Emil Alexandrescu”, Iasi. Superliga. 01 zile 15 ore 00 minute 37 secunde. Meciuri. Dată ... Poli Iași - Dinamo 4-1 și Oțelul Galați - Unirea Dej 1-0, a 21 mai 2023 — FINAL Oțelul bate cu 1-0, Dinamo pierde cu 1-4, moldovenii promovează direct, iar ”câinii” vor juca barajul cu FC Argeș. MIN. 90+4 Steaua - ... ((STREAMING***)) CFR Cluj vs Petrolul Ploiesti în direct onl 21 aug. 2023 — ((STREAMING***)) CFR Cluj vs Petrolul Ploiesti în direct online 18.09.2023 2023 — 2023 Farul Constanța - 3 FC Politehnica Iaşi CFR 1907 Cluj ... LIVE & RECOMANDĂRI. ÎNCEPE îN 16 ORE : 59 MIN. Poli Iași. Vs. Petrolul Ploiești. ÎNCEPE îN 19 ORE : 59 MIN. FCSB. Vs. U Cluj. ÎNCEPE îN 20 ORE : 59 MIN. Fulham. Despite a draw being highly unlikely (29. 8%), experts believe that CSM Politehnica lasi has great chances for a win, respectively 38. 4%. However, Petrolul Ploiesti (N) only gets a 31. 8% probability for a win. Try and take into account the following facts before you pick your favorite: CSM Politehnica Iasi's performance of the last 5 matches is better than FC Petrolul Ploiesti's. Chances for CSM Politehnica Iasi are rather low. During their last three action-packed matches, FC Petrolul Ploiesti scored five goals, while CSM Politehnica Iasi only managed to accumulate 1. Temperatures on the matchday will probably not rise high, reaching a high of 15°C, so the players shouldn't be exhausted too soon. However, chances for clear are quite high, so they might have to deal with that. FC Petrolul Ploiesti, currently being on the 7th position of the league, will have to prove that they're worthy of the lead; which probably shouldn't be too hard, since CSM Politehnica Iasi is six positions behind. Poli Iași – FC Hermannstadt 1-3, în runda a doua din 23 iul. 2023 — Online pe Poli Iași – Hermannstadt 1-3. Min. 90+13: Final de meci! Hermannstadt obține prima victorie din noul sezon. Min ... They will be supported by Jair, Takayuki Seto, Sergiu Hanca and Alexandru Musi, while Bart Meijers, Paul Papp, Valentin Constantin Ticu and Seniko Romeo Doua will help Lukas Zima to protect their goal. These are the likely options to be chosen by the team's manager as substitute players: Mihai Esanu, Pedro Justiniano Almeida Gomes, Lucian Mihai Dumitriu, Guilherme Garutti, Ismael Diomande, Jefferson, Zoran Mitrov, Iustin Raducan, Mihnea Radulescu. While Silviu Lung will probably guard CSM Politehnica lasi's goal, he will be supported by Nicolas Samayoa, Florin Ionut Ilie, Rares Ispas and Marius Martac in the defense. The front will be formed by Roman Alin and Shayon Harrison at the front, followed by Luis Phelipe, Julian Augusto Marchioni, Mihai Bordeianu and Andrei Gheorghita, who together will try to score as many goals as possible for their team. As the team's substitute players the manager might choose Ionut Ailenei, Razvan Tincu, Matija Katanec, Robert Ion, Carlos Eduardo Bacila Jatoba, Andrei Ciobanu, Sergiu Florin Bus, Antonio Mihai Dumitru and Jakub Vojtus. Florin Parvu will probably send Gheorghe Grozav and Mihai Alexandru Roman as attackers trying to score goals. [ASTĂZI>>>] CFR Cluj vs Petrolul în direct 2022 18 septembri 17 sept. 2023 — De altfel, Constantin Budescu a semnat la câteva zile distanţă cu Farul Constanţa, care a pierdut cu Poli Iaşi, 1-3, în etapa a treia, dar care ...


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